Cmielow - 1790

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CMIELOW - since 1790


This year Ćmielow porcelain celebrated by hand the 228 - year tradition of production and decoration of the best Polish porcelain. The collections of Ćmielow are still created by hand, with great attention to detail and with a focus on art and workmanship. Under Ćmielów, we believe that there are still areas where innovation loses in competition with the traditional work of human hands, and porcelain is the best example. Its creation is a unique combination of the designer's idea and the work of a team of technologists, craftsmen and, finally, artists of painters decorating objects. Every element in the set - coffee cups, teapots or porcelain cans - is the result of the work of at least eight people who work together like a perfectly orchestrated orchestra.
We create collections from Ćmielów with the invaluable knowledge from more than two centuries of tradition and combine them with new designs. On the one hand, there are historical, carefully reproduced porcelain sets from original patterns found on the tables of monarchs and diplomats around the world, including: at the court of His Royal Highness Philippe, King of Belgium, at the Registry of the President of the Republic of Poland, at the Registry of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland, in the Vatican. On the other hand, the classical services of white porcelain from Ćmielów have accompanied the most important ceremonial moments in the life of thousands of Poles for generations. It is not only the highest quality functional design of hand-crafted objects decorated with gold and platinum, but above all, the joy of meeting at a table furnished with elegant porcelain sets. Ćmielow Porcelain is therefore a fragment of our cultural and historical heritage - a revealing observer and mirror of changes in lifestyle, aesthetics and ways to celebrate the table.

Kenner Collection - Connaisseur

Special cuts with a rich history that continue the best traditions of European ceramics, limited collections of finely decorated porcelain coffee cups, archive porcelain accessories - that is the noble beauty of forms and decorations of hand-painted porcelain services. The collection of Koneser / Connaisseur  was born out of dreams of luxury and timelessness.
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