Leonardo da Vinci Collection - unique Fine Bone China coffee cups in a double pack or in sets with matching coasters and glass plates.

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Leonardo da Vinci - Mona Lisa, Lady with the ermine, Vitruvman. 


Noble gifts or high quality goods for sale in sophisticated packaging as Limited Edition: You can buy all this with the Leonardo da Vinci collection . This famous polymath of the 15./16. Century was not only a painter and architect, but also a scientist and philosopher. The vast intellectual spectrum is reflected in his motives, which are reflected in the precious porcelain. The creator of the Mona Lisa, which you can admire in the original in the Louvre and the human Proportionsstudie - Vitruvman unfolds strong charisma with these motifs of the porcelain collection. The exquisite pieces are as usual in Fine Bone China quality and only in Limited Edition to have.

Even without a large kulturg s own prehistoric background, it becomes clear: This man comes from a different era as Gustav Klimt and Alfons Mucha.

Your customers live in a world where they like to spend money to be different from others. Maybe you will find the Fine Bone China coffee cups in a double pack or a large unique coffee cup with the motif of The Lady with the Ermine - also by Leonardo da Vinci, irresistible. Perhaps your guests are fascinated by the coasters with all three well-known motifs of the genius - fighting machines, Mona Lisa, autoportrait, Vitruvius . Be it a restaurant, café or luxury hotel: present your guests with motifs from the history of art and culture. And make sure that customers can purchase these wonderful gifts right from your doorstep.


Leonardo da Vinci - glass . Perfection for your office desk.  

The Leonardo da Vinci glass line perfectly complements the porcelain line you already saw with the motifs of Universal Genius.

The same motifs - whether Mona Lisa , the lady with ermine or Vitruvian decorate the said glass plates in different sizes. The small glass plates 13 x 13 cm serve as plates at the meeting to serve small side dishes - petit fours, amaretti or biscuits.

By the way, as a saucer for Prosecco glass they also cut a fine figure and attract the greedy looks of the business partners!

The large glass plates are best presented in the middle of the conference table, lavishly filled with little appetizers, which the conference participants will place on the small plates in turn.


Business decoration

But if you prefer to head into the decoration department - use the small and large plates for an unforgettable office decoration - for example, business cards and flyers on the office desk.

Of course, the corresponding and motif-coordinated coffee cup must not be missing.

Thanks to the special composition, your client or you will stay in the memory of your business partner for a long time - it is emotions and unique experiences (unlike the others!) That characterize business life today.


Did you know ?


  • Mona Lisa vel Gioconda is located in the Louvre in Paris / France
  • The lady with the ermine can be admired in Czartoryski - Museum - Krakow / Poland
  • Both portraits of women are among the four portraits the great master has created




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