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Decoration ideas of the house around porcelain, glass and more ...


Gustav Klimt - serving and decorating ...

Did you think of the specialty of the house? For example - coffee à la Gustav Klimt or coffee with Adele - with a certain refinement in the style of the house ... the elegant coffee cup is served on the matching, title-related tray. Likewise - the ice cream as exclusive creation of the house is perfect for it. Your guest may of course purchase the tray afterwards - a suitable packaging in the gift bag. Who among you has not yet?


Gustav Klimt - serving and decorating


Gustav Klimt - Look totally.

Did you also notice that - to Klimt only Klimt fits? There is no other option - the kiss definitely does not harmonize with a simple plate from the ... say another store or a napkin with cool slogans does not seem very skilful ... Either Gustav Klimt Look totally or leave it.

Exactly with the gifts - you give a cup with Klimt's motive? A nice gesture only the question arises from which cup does the partner drink? On the terrace, in the garden, on the sofa or anywhere ... it definitely does not work and looks ... intentional and not skilful! Always give them in pairs so that the recipients have fun on it ... According to the new Media Markt saying "The main thing - you have fun!"




Gustav Klimt for Business Look ...

Show class, stillness and taste ... Show that you are successful in your business and surround yourself only with the best. If you do the same thing as the others - do you get the same results ... do you really want it? The answer is NO!

Whether your waiting room, meeting room or your office - the art and class accompany you everywhere!


Gustav Klimt & Business



The kiss ... Gustav Klimt ... porcelain ...

Do you also remain true to the way of thinking that a porcelain cup is only suitable for drinking, eating and table culture? I confess that I had similar associations with my porcelain until I cast my eyes on my paperclip in gold. And then it happened - my final farewell to the idea: Porcelain x Food x Drink x Cups x Gustav Klimt. This old-fashioned way of thinking is by no means innovative, because many sellers think, act and their sales stagnate.

What I mean by that - you sell ideas and concepts, they are different than the others and this will increase your sales because you:

- are unique

- offer perfect solutions to your customers

- sell multiple products to your customer at once

Believe me or not, your customer will come back to you because he knows you have the perfect and always outlandish solution to his problems.


For bathroom or dressing table - porcelain tray with cup in XXL.

Gustav Klimt for the desk, office and law office or practice decoration.

Single cup XXL with matching Teabag & glass plate - 13 x 13 cm and 25 x 25 cm -
In the photos - Beethoveenfries motif by Gustav Klimt .  

Gustav Klimt for guest toilet.

The kiss in gold or Nero - porcelain tray on which the guest towels with monogram find their place.



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